The AI solution that increases sales

Optimize your sales, generate opportunities and improve the productivity of your sales team


Most innovative software by the Forbes magazine contest

  • Data-based recommendations

    Analyze companies of interest in sectors and/or areas.

  • Customize your recommendations

    Exclude and/or promote articles according to detected behaviors.

  • Identify cross-selling opportunities

    Select similar customers for sales recommendations.

  • Integrate recommendations into online portals and promote communication with the sales team

Boost your sales with Datocles, your technological partner in intelligent B2B recommendations

  • Sales proposals

    Analyze your data to generate sales

  • Suggest products

    Suggest personalized products for sales to customers

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence technology to increase your sales

How does it work?

  • Continuous learning

  • Improvement of sales efforts

  • Personalized recommendations

  • Generation of new sales and cross-selling

  • Creation and management of alarms and notifications

What would Datocles be able to do in your company?

What would Datocles be able to do in your company?

If you are looking to increase sales, make resources profitable and/or improve your productivity

Success cases

Retail sector

Datocles manages to improve the sales of a retail multinational by 22%, in its first year of application.

Success cases

Agri-food sector

One of the main companies in the agri-food sector increases its turnover by more than 20 million euros thanks to Datocles

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