Do you want to increase the sales of your B2B company?

Datocles increases your company’s billing


Cross-selling recommender for wholesale distribution

  • Competitive information

    Incorporates market and competition data.

  • Data-driven decisions

    Use historical data and real-time feedback.

  • Efficiency

    Automate the recommendation process, saving time for sellers.

  • Continuous improvement

    The system learns and adapts over time.


It is an advanced recommendation system based on artificial intelligence.

We use collaborative filtering algorithms to generate personalized suggestions for your customers and optimize sales processes and increase the productivity of your company.

Datocles Dashboard

What would Datocles be able to do in your company?

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Discover the path to innovate in your sales process

We transform data into business opportunities

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    Initial recommendation

    Datocles analyzes and suggests. In an instant, it generates personalized sales recommendations.

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    Data Storage

    Each suggestion is saved in our data warehouse. Here, we transform data into opportunities.

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    The suggestions, meticulously classified by client, are sent directly to the mailboxes of your salespeople.

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    Salespeople give feedback to the tool. Their opinion becomes tangible improvements for future recommendations.

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    Learning that Transforms

    Every comment, every sale, becomes a pillar of evolution. Datocles learns, grows and adapts, ensuring that each recommendation is a success.

Datocles is also applicable to purchases and production

This does not end here

Do you want to make your purchases profitable?

Optimize your suppliers and resources with Datocles

Greater efficiency, greater productivity

  • Identify new customers

    Identify new customers

    Analyze companies of interest in sectors and / or areas.

  • Assess raw materials in different suppliers.

    Assess raw materials in different suppliers.

    Choose the suppliers that best suit

Do you need greater efficiency in your processes?

Datocles predicts and prescribes the future of your company

Datocles monitors and analyzes your data to detect improvements in any production phase; predicting and prescribing future actions to achieve maximum productivity.

  • Predictions of performance and production efficiency.

    Predictions of performance and production efficiency.

    Establish correlations between variables to make optimal predictions and prescriptions

  • Generation of recommendations

    Generation of recommendations

    Search for optimal production scenarios and automatic sending of information to those responsible.

  • Simulation of production scenarios

    Simulation of production scenarios

    Predict different production scenarios based on internal and external variables.

  • Notification and alarm system

    Notification and alarm system

    Effective control and monitoring in real time of the company’s indicators.